A Special Place - Barbara H

A Funeral Reading For A Baby

"There is a special place in the heart of God and amongst the angels for the little ones of this world, just as there is a special place in our hearts today for - - - - - .
And so we weep at what has happened.
And so too - God weeps with us.

What can be said that might ease the pain or assuage the grief that you - and all of us feel today?

There isn't much we can say that will help.
We can express our sympathy and sorrow.
We can offer words of love, care and concern.
We can say we will pray for you.
But other than that we don't know what to say about these things.

Maybe it is because people don't know what to say that they sometimes say the wrong things.

Some people may say that - - - - -'s death at this time was God's will. Don't believe them. The God we worship, the God who watches over us, doesn't will the death of babies or the pain of their parents. Many, many things that happen in this world are not the will of God. That is part of the price of the freedom we have been given by God.

Some people may say to you that God wanted - - - - - - in heaven with him. While I am confident God has welcomed - - - - - into his kingdom, I am sure God did not want him/her to die right now so that He could have him/her there.

Some people may seek to comfort you by saying to you that you are young and that you can have other children. That may be true, but other children will not replace - - - - -. He/She was his/her own person. The empty place his/her death has left in your heart will not be filled simply because you have another child. Nor should it be. Every child is unique and precious.

I am sure the people who say things like this say them with a desire to comfort. They want to say something that will help. Bless them for it - but know that we are faced with a mystery - the mystery of life - and of death - in which there are no easy answers."

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