A garland of red roses
Each time we look at your picture
You seem to smile and say
Don't be sad but courage take
And love each other for my sake
We think of you in silence
We often speak your name
What would we give to hear your voice
And see your face again
There are some we meet in passing
And forget as soon as they go
There are some we remember with pleasure
And feel honoured and privileged to know
You were that kind of person
Who leaves beautiful memories behind
And there will be many days
Which will bring fond memories to mind

We your family miss you
In the house where you used to be
We wanted so much to keep you
But God willed it not to be
Now you are in God's keeping
You suffer no more pain
So dear God take care of her
Until we meet again

Those we love remain with us
For love itself lives on
And cherished memories never fade
Because a loved ones gone
Those we love can never be
More than a thought apart
For as long as there is memory
They'll always live on in our hearts
Pray for us O dearest Father
To Jesus Christ our King
That He may bless our lonely home
Where once you dwelt therein
And pray that God might give us strength
To bear our heavy cross
For no-one knows but only He
That treasure we have lost
I cannot bring the old days back
Your smile I cannot see
I can only treasure the memories
Of days that used to be
Gone are the days we used to share
But in our hearts you're always there
Never more than a thought away
Loved and remembered every day
I know a smile I would love to see
A loving face so dear
I know a hand I would love to hold
A voice I long to hear
I know a heart thoughtful and true
I know them all, because I loved you
In Gods garden up above
Stands a rose we dearly love
She stands with petals open wide
Watered by the tears we've cried
Her fragrance fills our lives each day
Locked in our hearts she will always stay
Words are few, thoughts are deep
Memories of you we will always keep
Beautiful memories silently kept
Of one that we loved and will never forget
You have gone no further from us than to God and God is very near
Loved with a love beyond all telling
Missed with a grief beyond all tears
A garland of red roses
They say there is a reason
They say that time will heal
But neither time nor reason
Will change the way we feel
For no-one knows the heartache
That lies behind our smiles
No-one knows how many times
We have broken down and cried
We want to tell you something
So there won't be any doubt
You're so wonderful to think of
But so hard to be without
There is a home that lies beyond
And past its golden door
Awaits the one who's now away
Not lost-just gone before
And in the home that lies beyond
The Master will prepare
A place for you, and when He calls
You'll meet your loved one there
Beautiful memories
Just as you were, you will always be
Someone special in my memory

Though absent you are always near
Still loved, still missed, still very dear
Happy times when we were together
Hold memories that will last forever
Those we love don't go away
They walk beside us every day
They say it's a beautiful journey
From the old world to the new
Someday we'll make that journey
Which will lead us straight to you
And when we reach that garden
In which there is no pain
We'll put our arms around you
And never part again
If I listen really close
In the silence of the night
I hear your voice to comfort me
And say that you're alright
But it's often hard to understand
Why certain things must be
And the reasons why they happen
Are so often hard to see
But I find comfort in the knowledge
That God is always there
To keep the one I loved so much
Forever in His care

Memories are like leaves of gold
They never tarnish or grow old
Locked in our hearts 
You will always be
Loved and remembered 
For all eternity
An empty place no-one can fill
I miss you and I always will
A prayer, a tear, are all I can give
These you will have as long as I live
Memories are precious possessions
That time can never destroy
For it is in happy remembrance
That the heart find its greatest joy
It doesn't need a special day
To bring you to my mind
For days without a thought of you
Are very hard to find
You've just walked on ahead of me
And I've got to understand
You must release the ones you love
And let go of their hand
I try and cope the best I can
But I'm missing you so much
If only I could see you
And once more feel your touch
Yes, you've just walked on ahead of me
Don't worry I'll be fine
But now and then I swear I feel
Your hand slip into mine

This brings a special thank you
For the things you've done for me
The times when you were patient
When you didn't have to be
For the days that you made brighter
With the sunshine of your smile,
The words of warm encouragement
That made each dream worthwhile
And while I've left out many things
For which my thanks are due
These things are always in my heart
Next to my love for you
A garland of red roses
You gave me many things in life
Gifts both great and small
But most of all you gave me love
The greatest gift of all
Softly the leaves of memory fall
Gently I gather and treasure the all
Unseen, unheard, you are always near
So missed, so loved, so very dear
No longer in our lives to share
But in our hearts you're always there
Treasured forever
Of love and happiness shared together
If I could turn back the clock
That's just what I would do
And I would live again those happy years
That I shared with you
Just a prayer from those who love you
Just a memory ever true
In our hearts you will live forever
Because we thought the world of you
A bouquet of beautiful memories
Sprayed with a million tears
Wishing God could have spared you
If just for a few more years
Our lips cannot speak how we loved him
Our hearts cannot tell what to say
But God only knows how we miss him
In our home that is lonely today
I hold him close within my heart
And there he will remain
To walk with me throughout my life
Until we meet again
We miss you from your fireside chair
Your loving smile gentle air
Your vacant place no-one can fill
We miss you mother and always will
Resting where no shadows fall
Loved and remembered by us all
Close in our hearts you will always stay
Loved and remembered every day

She was a mother so very rare
Content in her home and always there
On earth she toiled, in Heaven she rests
God bless you mother you were the best
Gone from our home that smiling face
The cheerful happy ways
The heart that won so many friends
In bygone happy days
Lonely is the home without you
Life to us is not the same
All the world would be like Heaven
If we could have you back again
Along the road to yesterday
That leads me straight to you
Are memories of happy days
Together we once knew
Remembering you is easy
I do it every day
It's just the pain of losing you
That never goes away
In secret I weep, in silence I cry
As each lonely hour and day passes by
There's only one thought that eases my pain
And it's knowing that we'll be together again
A garland of red roses
May the winds of love blow softly
And whisper for you to hear
That we'll always love and miss you
And wish that you were here
It isn't what we write
It isn't what we say
Its how we feel deep inside
As we think of you today
Your memory is a keepsake
With which we will never part
God has you in His keeping
We have you in our hearts
A special person, a special face
Someone we love and can't replace
Never selfish, always kind
These are the memories he left behind
I hear his voice in the silent hours
When the house is very still
And feel the touch of his unseen hand
Guiding and helping me still
Together life was bright and gay
A parting seemed so far away
You left a place no-one can fill
We miss you dad and always will
Sweet and lasting memories
Are all we have of you
We will keep them tucked away
Until our lives are through
Softly the leaves of memory fall
Gently we gather and treasure them all
A thought, a prayer are all we can give
These you will have as long as we live
Loving thoughts till the end of time
Of a wonderful wife I am proud was mine
Treasured forever
Of love and happiness shared together

The years may pass but still you stay
As near and dear as yesterday
If memories bring you closer
We are never far apart
Not a day will I forget you
You'll always be in my heart
If memories and love can keep us together
Then with each passing day we are closer than ever
A silent grief that's in our hearts
No human eye can trace
For many a broken heart is hid
Beneath a smiling face
Look around your garden Lord
Find the son we love
Put your arms around him
We only wish we could
Though you're no longer with me
Every day I find
In one way or another
You're back there in my mind
I might hear a piece of music
And at once my mind is stirred
Back to a treasured moment
The two of us have shared
I never try to stop them
I let them just flow through
It's just my way of spending time
Once again with you

There is a face before us
A voice we'd love to hear
A smile we will always remember
Of a dad we loved so dear

A smile for all, a heart of gold
The very best the world could hold
Those we love don't go away
They walk beside us every day
A garland of red roses a garland of red roses
Your life was full of loving deeds
Forever thoughtful of our special needs
Today and tomorrow my whole life through
I will always love and cherish you


Four Short Verse Examples

I watched you suffer
I saw you die
But all I could do was sit close by
You went away, we had to part
God eased your pain
But broke my heart
What child is this, who, laid to rest
On Mary's lap is sleeping
Whom angels greet with anthems sweet
While shepherds watch are keeping
Goodbye my family, my life is past
I loved you all to the very last
Weep not for me, but courage take
Love each other for my sake
For those you love don't go away
They walk beside you every day
It doesn't need a special day
To bring you to my mind
For days without a thought of you
Are very hard to find

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