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Eulogy Examples

Welcome to our collection of eulogy examples, there are several different eulogy examples here which we hope will help you, these are original eulogy/tributes that we have written, they have been read during funerals that we have arranged and officiated at.

You may find the style of writing will not be to your own particular taste, but they will give you an idea of how some different types of tributes are structured.

Just to make it quite clear, these examples are not intended as a representation of how a close family friend or relative of the deceased should write or present a eulogy speech, they were written by a funeral director/officiant for people we mainly never knew, which means they are somewhat generic in places.
They are as described, simply "examples" which we hope will help you in your present quest.

Please feel free to use these in any way you like, you may find it useful to pull out certain key words and phrases which you can then build around, you may also find that you can use whole paragraphs with just some minor alterations and adjustments.

Whatever you do though, it is vital that you use only words and phrases etc that will be recognisable as appropriate for the deceased, otherwise your eulogy speech will sound contrived and false.

Currently this collection has several of our own eulogy examples, plus one which is an example for the novice funeral officiant and is a complete  Semi-Religious Cremation Service which also includes the eulogy.

We will be adding more of our own speeches in the near future and others from various different alternative sources.

If you have a eulogy speech that you have personally written and would like to share it here then please do submit it for inclusion. Contact Us.

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