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'Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well'



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Softly As We Leave You - Unknown

Life is so uncertain, this we all may know....
No one knows the time or day,
when they'll have to go.
Though now our time has come to leave you
to face this world alone...
These promises we make you,
to give you strength to carry on.
When the sunlight awakens you,
we'll be there too.
When the moon shines on your pillow...
we'll be shining on you.
We'll be in the cooling breeze,
as it rustles through the trees..
we'll be in the pouring rain,
as it hits your window pane.
When darkness dims your vision,
close your eyes and look above
we'll be standing right beside you.
You will always have our love
May peace and comfort be upon you..
hold close our memories
For in our hearts we know that
no matter where you go...
Is where we'll always be.

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