Mountain landscape with a lake trees and wild flowers It was beautiful as long as it lasted, the journey of my life, I have no regrets whatsoever, save the pain I'll leave behind.

Funeral Verses

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This is a collection of simple, short in-memoriam and death-announcement verses. In-memoriam verses are commonly used as press announcements on anniversaries and special occasions for public remembrance of the deceased. Death-announcement verses are typically placed within the press announcement of the death, which would also usually include the notice of the funeral arrangements.

As you browse these funeral verses you will notice that they mainly consist of two, four or six rhyming lines. This makes them ideal to mix and match into a verse that is more personal.
Also, you could if you wish take a few lines or a verse from one or two of the many poems and song lyrics here at funeral helper if you think that better conveys your message, do try experimenting as you might be surprised to find how the words and lines often simply fall into place.
Many of the short funeral verses in this collection are also used on laminated in-memoriam cards and remembrance items such as book-markers, plaques and plates etc and are usually personalised with a photograph of the deceased.

Four Short Verse Examples

I watched you suffer
I saw you die
But all I could do was sit close by
You went away, we had to part
God eased your pain
But broke my heart
What child is this, who, laid to rest
On Mary's lap is sleeping
Whom angels greet with anthems sweet
While shepherds watch are keeping
Goodbye my family, my life is past
I loved you all to the very last
Weep not for me, but courage take
Love each other for my sake
For those you love don't go away
They walk beside you every day
It doesn't need a special day
To bring you to my mind
For days without a thought of you
Are very hard to find

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