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As Usual


As Usual Brenda Lee - Greatest Hits - As Usual Brenda Lee

As Usual - On Amazon UK

As Usual - Lyrics By Alex Zanetis

The sun comes up and brings the dawn
As usual
When I awake I'll find you gone
As usual

But I can't find a way to let
This crazy heart of mine forget
I pretend you're still beside me
As usual

Each evening I take a walk
As usual
I make believe that we still talk
As usual

People always stop and stare
I guess they just don't see you there
Don't they know you'll always be right here
As usual

Today I looked into my mirror
As usual

I told myself that you're still here
As usual

And as I stood there telling lies
The tears began to fill my eyes
Cause I know I'm only fooling myself
As usual

Alex Zanetis

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