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Precious Memories


Precious Memories Willie Nelson - Willie Nelson - Precious Memories Willie Nelson

Precious Memories - On Amazon UK

Precious Memories - Lyrics by J.B.F. Wright

Precious memories, unseen angels,
Sent from somewhere to my soul;
How they linger, ever near me,
And the sacred past unfold.

Precious memories, how they linger,
How they ever flood my soul;
In the stillness of the midnight,
Precious, sacred scenes unfold.
Precious father, loving mother,
Fly across the lonely years;
And old home scenes of my childhood,
In fond memory appears.


In the stillness of the midnight,
Echoes from the past I hear;
Old time singing, gladness bringing,
From that lovely land somewhere.


As I travel on life's pathway,
Know not what the years may hold;
As I ponder, hope grows fonder,
Precious memories flood my soul.


J.B.F. Wright

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