The Glory of Life is Love

A Non Religious Funeral Reading

The Glory of Life is not that it endures forever, but that, for a time, it includes so much that is beautiful.
It is a tree to those that grasp it, and happy are all who retain it.
Its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are peaceful.
We do not demand that the flower shall never die, nor that the song shall never end.
Nor would we be angry with life because one day its beauty will be dust, its music silent, and all its laughter and tears forgotten.
Life, the reality, is ours; we would shape it as nobly as we can.
We will not linger, like timid sailors in port, but will live dangerously, devoting ourselves with vigour to what seems to us good, beautiful and true.
The glory of Life is Love. Unending.

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