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Lay Me Down Tonight

Soft Rock

With thanks to Paul Rigby for suggesting this song

Lay Me Down Tonight - Morten Harket

Lay Me Down Tonight - Morten Harket - On Amazon UK

Lay Me Down Tonight - Lyrics

Lay me down tonight, I'm falling deep
I'm tired, now I'll sleep
So close my eyes and take me in
I'll leap into the night like wind
I leave my body, leave my sword
So lay me own, Father Lord

Lay me down tonight, my heart is weak
Much you give and much you seek
I'll fall into a sea of sleep
This sea of dreams, so red and deep
I leave my spirit, leave my words
So lay me down, Mother Earth

Lay me down tonight, I'm giving in
Let the works of life begin
Your works of chaos, works of grace
Creation Lord, in your own pace
Word to flesh and flesh to word
Father Lord, Mother Earth

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